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Interested in starting own business in Florida

Knightrider99Knightrider99 subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2013 in Business Planning
I'm moving to port st lucie Florida from Michigan . i just bought a house down there free and clear and all my cars are paid off and I have no debt or credit cards or loans now my question is would it be possible to start a business building inground pools and ponds or doing lot clearing and demolition either one or both.i have about 50k budgeted for the start up.now I'm looking to obtain all the equipment cheaply off eBay or Craigslist I found dump trucks going around $8,000 , skid steers around $7,000 , mini excavators for $8,000 with trailer ,bull dozers under $10,000 I plan on storing the equipment on my property and advertising online and newspaper and recruiting employees through the same media to help me learn the bussiness.i know I will need to be bonded liscensed and insured but I can work towards that or bring on a business partner that is to get around that.i am familiar with heavy equipment and went to trade school already and received all my certs on operations.so is this in reach or should I invest in real estate forclosures or some other venture like private skid steer rental.i don't want to put my money in the stock market but rather see if I can start and I'm not scared of a little risk.I just like the idea of this business area because the machines will be payed off and will only have maintance cost and they are a usefull asset in many areas of bussiness please help me figure out what's possible.


  • ThapreelAlamThapreelAlam subscriber Posts: 8 Member


    If you are interested in starting business in Florida.

    I would like to recommend, rental business for any kind of services.

    Reason is rental business revenue increasing day to day in US.

    you can start your own rental business for any kind of services.

    Easy way to earn by renting your own.

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