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Perfectionism vs Procrastination

ContinentalPrintingSuppliesContinentalPrintingSupplies subscriber Posts: 7
edited May 2006 in Thought Leadership
Hi Again SuN Community!!!
I only recently learned how to take a list from QuickBooks and export it to MS Excel for editing.  I have only recently aquired MS Office (which I won thru SuN - TYVM SuN!!).  However, earlier in the year, I have had several people come to me for item and pricing lists.  [For me this used to be a HUMONGEOUS project and I knew I really did not want to get involved with a project like that, until I could start it and continue on uninterupted, (which is like never)].
Now that I know how to make these lists, is there a way for me to take my procrastination back to the requester and make the delay not sound like I was just lazy and/or not interested.
Husband says my service sucks, and if he weren`t my devoted, he wouldn`t return.  He works beyond full time and when he comes home, he does not want to be disturbed with constant questions about my business.  In my heart, I know I interupt my business for him, because he is my top priority, but this does not help my business image.
Seeing I do not have any co-workers or employees, or employers, I have no one other than him to run questions past.  So I`m coming to you for support and help.
AAAANNNDDDD thanking you in advance for your moral and professional support.


  • OK Kim,
    I`ll try.  Let`s say you wanted a price list from me in April, but I couldn`t get it to you til end of May.  Would you still want it??  How would you feel about my service if it took that long to get you the price list.  DH says I should have had it in your hands by the next day.  True, I know, but how does the delay look???  Like I am really busy, or just not interested in doing what they wanted done??
    Hope that helps.  Would like input from very busy professionals.
    Thanks again!!
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    You know, running a profit making... uh, maybe even ANY true
    business takes a lot of time. Sometimes, good customer service
    skills or not, there are just too many priorities on the table. I
    wouldn`t say be absolutely truthful. You don`t want to present
    yourself as unprepared. But be real. Let them know. Here is the
    list you requested so long ago. And appologize for the time
    delay, but emphesize how you are looking forward to creating a
    relationship. People get busy.

    That`s my advise...
  • thank you kim, i agree with your thinking . . . now when does follow-up become harrassment??  some people need it and thrive on it . . . others despise it . . . how do you know who needs what??
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