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Dress Codes/ Sales vs Delivery

ContinentalPrintingSuppliesContinentalPrintingSupplies subscriber Posts: 7
edited May 2006 in Sales
SuN Community I would like your opinion on several things, but one thing at a time.
When you go to introduce your company to other companies, we all agree that we must wear our Sunday best.  But, once you land the sales and it`s time to deliver the products, what do you wear then??
IE: I sell office supplies and box customers orders for delivery.  Sometimes I even carry in cases of paper.  Now, when UPS or FedEx or DSL makes deliveries, they wear their company uniform.  I do not have a company uniform, (we did sponsor a baseball team one year, so I have t-shirts with a company logo, but not a uniform, so to speak) so my question is . . . do I continue on with my sunday best, or use a company t-shirt and jeans, or just dress casual (somewhere in between)??
Does my appearance, when making deliveries, effect my professional image??  I mean, I know it does to some aspect, but to what degree??
Really could use some professional input on this and several other matters.  Please watch for other posts.  Thanks so much!!


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    Thank you jonese,
    I really appreciate your input.  I have actually thought of the idea of polo shirts. 
    I have two obstacles, and maybe you can help:  1st, I am THE only delivery guy, except when my kids help (16, and 10).  2nd, polo shirts are still a TAD bit out of my price range, hence the idea of the baseball printed t-shirts.  We all have one.  The kids have the player number and name on the back, I have one just the same, and one that says `owner` on the back.  Hubby`s says `coach`.  Obviously, these do not really go with any pant other than jeans, being a t-shirt and all.
    So, all that being said, should I make the investment to go with polo`s and `work` pants or khaki`s??  Or do the t-shirts and jeans work without looking lame, and ruining my business image??
    Thanks again!
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    I ask this of professional people, because I have asked several other people, and received several other replies, such as `you should wear whatever you are comfortable in`, and `wear whatever you like`.  I am aware of what you are saying, but do not choose to be slammed simply because I have asked a group of professional people.  I would expect this kind of reply from Yahoo Answers, but was hoping for more support from more professional people.
    Thanks for the terrible rating.  I will choose not to behave likewise.
    Thank you.
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    thank you.  your input is very important.  i have debated this idea for a while and as i posted have received several different opinions, some favorable and as you can see some unfavorable.
    thanks again!!
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    not sure i`m following your irony, so it must be a girl thing.  however, not being able to get advice outside of my teenager may make me a bit sensitive, and yes, i will agree that i may very well be a bit too sensitive.
    i started my business actually by accident, and finding it difficult to work under someone else telling me what to do. 
    i have NEVER had any sales training or much more than basic accounting classes in high school.  i have taken a few online quizzes and found that i do have an entreprenueral attitude.  I have taken my business from $50 revenue for my first few months to last years revenues of over $70,000.  for an unlearned, fly by the seat of your pants sole proprietor, i think i`ve done pretty good.  but now i am at the point that i would like to go further and would like to know what are the best ways to do this.
    i am certainly hoping that you are not telling me i can`t wear my stiletto`s out to dinner because they are too sexy for business attire, in case i would run into a prospective customer.
    personally, i felt that i should maintain a professional appearance even in making deliveries.  my main question was simply `can i wear a company-named baseball t-shirt and nice jeans, still looking nice, to make deliveries, or is it too casual?  should i make a uniform or keep wearing my sunday best?`  i don`t feel it was a difficult question.
    my feeling your attack as personal, simply comes with the thought of asking if i were joking.  no, i do not want anyone to feel i am joking.  i am asking a group of self professed professionals to guide and direct.  i can get you to this point, but how do i go further, what is expected of me, NOW??
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Got to agree with Wilfred here - "Go big, or go home."
    Now, saying that, "go big" in Puduka, KY might not be the same "go big" in Chicago, IL. None the less, I believe in looking sharp and professional at all times. But look at UPS, they were the first I ever saw in a big corp that allowed their drivers and staff to wear shorts (at least they do down south) - but they did it where it looked good (I guess that depends on whose legs are in the shorts and who is looking Who would have ever thought a big corp would allow shorts in public?
    But a Callaway or other top-line golf shirt is not that pricey - even embroidered. Besides, you have to wear something to work. It is either your own clothes or the "uniform" - so why miss an opportunity to market your company with branded clothing that shouts your company name and what it represents?
    It ain`t brain surgery, folks.
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    it seems that my matching t-shirt idea was a bust.  we all agree, now, that i need to get polo shirts and khaki`s and make a uniform for deliveries.  is this better than dress clothes or an acceptable alternative??  sneaks, or `work shoes`??
    where can i go to get really nice looking embroidered polos??  national pen??  or can someone tell me of their personal experience pro or con with them??  should i find someone local to provide the shirt and the embroidery, or can i get the shirt and have them do the work?
    as for the khaki`s - that, i have under control.  thanks!!
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