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How can small businesses help each other out?

LienSLienS subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I always find it inspiring when I see 2 small businesses helping each other out or supporting each other. An example from Vietnam.

In Vietnam, power outages are still common. Which is very detrimental for small business owners, whose businesses often really suffer from it.

There is also a popular e-bike brand called Dat Bike, a start-up in Vietnam. Their community is very active and engaged, so they worked together with the brand to turn their e-bikes into mobile power generators to help small business owners survive the power outage. For example, a full charge powers the lights and 2 freezers of a small convenience store for 3-4 hours.

By doing this, the e-bike brand shows the power of the battery and superiority of their product while also helping other small businesses survive despite of power outages.

It's inspiring to see what small businesses can accomplish when they work together or help each other out. While still being beneficial to both businesses.

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