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The Anti Fanny Pack is here!

grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2007 in New Member Welcome
Hey everyone!
I`ve been listening to the podcasts for some time, following the step by step advice, and decided it is time to start contributing to the forum.
I`m about to START IT UP with my product in a few weeks and I`m looking forward to your comments as well as offering any help I can.
L Kiss


  • theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    I love the anti-fanny pack idea.
    I wore a fanny pack once. It was a humiliating experience. As I recall, I watched several hours of Dirty Harry and John Wayne movies to restore the masculinity lost during the experience.
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Haha... the dreaded fanny pack. Works like a charm, but looks like a dork Looking forward to seeing your ideas. Welcome!
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info!!!
    For one thing the name "holdster" is owned by baseball glove company (I did the trademark search) and TWO: I own the patent on the design.  THREE that design is not as practical as mine and finally....FOUR mine is far more baddasss!
    I REALLY appreciate the comments.
    PS I`ll explain the brand name in a future blog.  I live in SoCal so I am used to saying Mexican influenced words.
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
    Already in  the works and working on a defense contract.

    FYI, throw some camo on that thing and start selling it to hunters. I`m dead serious its pefect for hunters, they need a spot for ammo thats an easy access, shoving them in your pockets is not a good idea but this makes perfect sense.
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5

    Also, and I am sure you are aware of this product that I just found via Google - the Holdster.  I think you need a much different name than this obvious competitor which happens to have a more memorable product name.  You need to disassociate yourself from them.
    They must have gone live recently because I did my research.  They are Canadian so I know they can`t use that name in America (it`s owned by the top baseball glove makers).  I know this because I was going to call my product the same name.
     I also own the patent on my product.Question:  What are you doing (or planning to do) to help people overcome the awkwardness they often feel for wearing something completely new and different?
    Everyone that has worn it agrees in it`s comfort.  It hugs your leg and you forget it`s there.
    Awkward?  Never encountered it.
    Law enforcement I have given it to has fallen in love with it.
  • grabitpackgrabitpack subscriber Posts: 5
    Same names can often be used by companies in different industries.  For example, Apple Computers and Apple Vacations.  So don`t count on the holdster being shut down for a name infringement with a baseball glove company (not that you said this).  These decisions are in the hands of the USPTO.
    So I can call it the Nike Anti Fanny Pack?  Items like these are best left to the courts (luckily I`ve done my research and I know HOLDSTALERO isn`t taken).
    Thanks for your input Steve.  Points are well taken and thanks for finding that site.  Competition is what it`s all about so let`s see who comes out on top
    Have you done market research with your name?
    Yes, but you are going to have to wait for the blog.  It`s all about the story.
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