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Hello everyone, I have an idea for a caravan brand.

CanCan subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello everyone, regards.

First of all, since my English is insufficient, I am writing with the translation of DeepL and I apologize in advance for the incorrect translation.

I have a business idea that has been on my mind for about 10 years, I was more enthusiastic about it, especially during the Covid19 period, but for a few years now, when I tell people about my ideas, I have been told that this business will not work and that I should not take steps in this regard. I am curious about your opinion.

Again, I would like to remind you that this is just an idea and I have not yet acted on it.

My aim is to create industrial / professionalized fiberglass and plywood based caravan conversion kits for certain brand model van cars for people who want to build their own caravans and sell them intercontinental.

According to the body dimensions of van type cars, I want customers to make a caravan according to their own tastes with configurations with the mobile application or the "builder" on the website. For this, if the customer wants a space for a toilet, a glass for the upper roof, they need to choose the fiberglass plate accordingly. I want the customers to do the assembly themselves.

In order to increase the popularity of the brand, I am thinking of sectoral ready-made concepts that will allow individual people to travel and do their own work. For example, gamers, barbers, handicraft and jewelry artists, phone repairmen, street artists, etc. etc., there is also something I want to make it part of the brand for certain professions at first in countries where possible, and then there is a lottery system. To offer kits to people in sectors such as street artists, handicrafts and jewelry design with the participation of people.

In general, I tried to write what was in my head, regards.

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