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I'm exploring how to leverage my CCSP certification in my startup's marketing efforts.

stevediazstevediaz subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member


I'm seeking advice from fellow entrepreneurs who have successfully leveraged their CCSP certification in their startup's marketing efforts. As a founder with expertise in cloud security, I believe this certification adds value to our services. However, I'd like to hear your insights and strategies on positioning myself as a trusted cloud security expert to potential clients.

Specifically, I'd appreciate any tips or experiences related to:

  • Incorporating CCSP credentials into marketing materials and messaging.
  • Attracting clients who prioritize cloud security in their business operations.
  • Utilizing content marketing or social media to showcase expertise.
  • Networking or partnership opportunities that helped grow your client base.
  • Overcoming challenges or misconceptions that clients may have about cloud security.

Your shared experiences and advice will greatly help in navigating this journey of promoting our startup's cloud security services effectively. I have checked my CCSP Training page for guidance.

Thank you for your valuable insights!

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