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Refer A Friend Program

consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
edited July 2008 in Public Relations
My web designer came up with a great idea for viral marketing for my site. On my site it`s called "Refer A Friend", there are other sites that have the same program, but I am not sure they involve a $50 Visa Gift Card Give-A-Away.
Here`s how it works. Someone signs up for a free membership to my site, once signed up you are prompted to the "Refer A Friend" page where you have the opportunity to refer up to 10 friends or family member by entering their e-mail addresses into the spaces provided. An e-mail is generated with your name attached and sent out to them. Once you complete the process your information is entered into our companies drawing. Drawings are held monthly, but will eventually be held on a weekly basis. We use an outside company for the drawing. If your name is drawn you are contacted via e-mail to let you know you have won. At this time we will ask where you would like the $50 Visa Gift Card to be sent. It`s a simple campaign and is only costing me $50 a month at this time, but will eventually cost $200 a month. I would highly suggest something like this for your site.Also, use your vehicle to your advantage. Have decals made with your company information. Your company will be exposed to hundreds, if not, thousands of people a day.Good Luck


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