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Concierge services for bus commuters?

conciergeladyconciergelady subscriber Posts: 4
edited March 2007 in Public Relations
Errands, personal/office assistance, concierge services... is this a marketable service for today`s commuter who spends 3 hours of the day travelling to and from work?  What kind of services do you think commuters would be willing to pay a concierge business to do?  I have picked out just a few to offer like: dry cleaning, runs to grocery stores, the mall, returns/exchanges, post office, dinner pickups. When the commuter finally return to the bus depot at night he/she picks up their dry cleaning, dinners, purchases and goes straight home without making any stops. I am interested in feedback of  what  types of services would be valuable to commuters or non-commuters alike.  With 50% of the population living alone today, people are running errands either on work time, at lunch time or on the weekends plus doing  household chores.  Then there`s the single parents who have even less time for themselves.I have to give a presentation to the Bus Authority`s Board of Directors soon and I would appreciate feed back on what you think  should be included in this presentation.  Any services that you can think of that you would be willing to hire a concierge to do and how much you would be willing  to pay?  Also opinions on client retainer accounts for purchases and pre-paid blocks of concierge time that comes discounted? Is that something you would be interested in?  Appreciate all comments given,thank you!conciergelady2007-3-7 18:8:9


  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Sounds like a great idea. The hospital where I was born, (many, many, many, years ago) has a concierge service for their employees. They pick up prescriptions, pay bills, buy gifts,  wrap them, and do grocery shopping, and I don`t know what else. I place my gift baskets there for employees who need a gift on the spur of the moment. The concierge employees get paid no matter what, through the hospital. There is a forty-five cent per mile charge for errands. Maybe you could plan around the emoployees of the bus company instead of the commuters.
  • conciergeladyconciergelady subscriber Posts: 4
    I know concierge services are coming to hospitals around the country. There is onein  my state that was the first hospital to do this and was given an award for it!If it doesnt work out with the Nyc commuters that may be my next marketing target. The hospital is about 3 miles from where I live so its a good commute.. Thanks for your feedback...
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    My dog recently passed away but while she was sick, I needed someone to watch her occasionally and I would have paid someone, had I found anyone. Letting a dog out occasionally or dog-sitting for a few hours would be a great additional service.CookieMonster2007-3-9 4:17:14
  • conciergeladyconciergelady subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi cookiemonster - a lot of people need this service, its really very popular as a matter of fact. I dont offer it unfortunately because its another insurance policy added on to my general liability and business insurance..a few people asked me about this too...thanks for your feedback
  • LisaLLisaL subscriber Posts: 0
    How about pickup/returns of library books and video rentals, make bank
    deposits, gift wrapping of gifts purchased.
  • conciergeladyconciergelady subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes these are good too. Thanks !
  • jimnewman75jimnewman75 subscriber Posts: 8
    Concierge Lady -- sounds like we`re working towards the same goal -- providing a healthy work/life balance for our clients.  Have a look through our website and see if you can leverage from any services we`re offering ... we`d love to talk more so we can help each other secure our businesses in our respective markets.
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