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Could I start a small generator rental business with just two 125kw diesel generators?

mbowden25mbowden25 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I was thinking of buying a handful of portable generators to rent out as a side hustle, but thought they might not rent well besides storm season here in Florida. Then I was looking at diesel generators that could rent out for hundreds a day or a few thousand a month. Does anyone know anything about the generator rental industry?


  • RaavichouhanRaavichouhan subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member


    Here is my recommendation

    Starting a small generator rental business with two 125kw diesel generators can be a feasible endeavor. While the demand for generator rentals may vary throughout the year, particularly outside of storm season in Florida, there are still opportunities to capitalize on.

    Consider diversifying your target market beyond just storm-related rentals. Explore potential customers in construction, outdoor events, film production, and other industries that often require temporary power solutions. Additionally, market your generators as reliable and cost-effective alternatives to other power sources, highlighting their efficiency and durability.

    Thoroughly research the generator rental industry in your area, including market demand, competition, pricing, and customer preferences. Networking with industry professionals, attending trade shows, or joining online communities can provide valuable insights and guidance.

    Ensure you have a solid marketing strategy in place to reach potential customers. Establish an online presence, advertise through local channels, and develop relationships with event planners, construction companies, and other potential clients.

    Factor in maintenance costs, storage requirements, insurance coverage, and legal obligations when setting up your business. Lastly, stay updated on industry trends and innovations to stay competitive and maximize the profitability of your generator rental business.


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