How do I bootstrap an MVP?

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Context - I am a part owner operator of two service based businesses, don't work in the businesses on a daily basis but support behind the scenes with marketing, admin, staff etc.

I have a network of 40+ other service businesses in my immediate circles of family and close friends.

Both my businesses and my network's spend a lot of money on marketing.

My idea will help decrease this spend and produce higher quality leads.

I have been validating using a scrappy email and spreadsheet system in one of my businesses, a dental practice and so far there are the following validations:

- been trialling the idea in a very contained fashion, max 30 times over a 2.5 week period

- 100% uptake by patients to be involved and support

- 1 lead which was converted and produced $150 in income for the business

- 30 patients are now advocating for and incentivised to support my business


I am now at a point where I want to create a seriously barebones digital solution that effectively replaces the scrappy system I have to:

- validate customers will signup / engage with an online platform

- continue to generate leads

- the system is easy to leverage by the business

- continue trialling with current business, then build a v2 which I can trial with another 3-5, a v3 which I can push to a further 5-10 - all of whom I have lined up and ready to go


I do not have a coding background (although a lifetime ago I did complete a computer science degree) and have played with some no-code tools but it will take me way too long to learn - I also have a job that consumes me for 60-80 hours a week.

I have posted a job on upwork - but unsure on the reliability here, developers seem to want to over-engineer things to be idealistic, create scalable code etc - but to me we haven't proven enough yet

I think no-code tools seem great as an option to get a scrappy v1 up for very few $ but not many developers on upwork are aligned.

Any advice or guidance on how I push on?

Are there any founders on here who faced a similar challenge that could provide insight?

Are there any people on here that can help?


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