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XtraFielder.com Website feedback/critique

WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2008 in Website Critique
Hello Everyone,
I am requesting, with permission of the owner, feedback and suggestions for my client`s website, XtraFielder.Com
I feel it`s important that even the clients of the website-critiquers` should go under the chopping block.
I just recently transferred his original website onto a CMS and installed cart software to manage his products. Direct retail sales is his ultimate goal so please gauge your suggestions based on a customers point of view.
Eventually I will be updating the flash header as it was designed for the original site which was not made properly. This change will make the left menu and main content even with the `site design` instead of being off-center a tad due to the extra menu.
Thank you for your time and speak your mind.WebsitesUnleashed7/23/2008 1:25 AM


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Pretty good looking site.  However, if there`s only one product, why is there a login box on every page?  Sounds a bit silly to me.  Also, when I click on "my account", I got two login frames.Realistically, I don`t see what an account-based one-product store accomplishes.  Maybe you should explore what the client wants to do with this information?I have been on a few sites that let me enter all of my order info, then after confirming my order, asks if I would like for the site to remember me for the next time I visit them.  If I reply "Y", then, and only then, does it ask for a username and password.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    Web Site -I`m not a big fan of the all red background with yellow text. I`d prefer a white or light background and dark text for the main area.  I see you are using Joomla with virtuemart for the ecommerce function which is fine. I have not used virtuemart for an ecommerce application, so I`m not sure what the limitations (if any) there may be for product display, checkout, etc.The header -
    I don`t think you need a flash header. All it`s doing is showing some background animation. So it does not add to the site. The logos seem "rough" jagged edges and the small logo... distorted. The white text over the pictures is not easy to read - it`s ok but not the best.

    Events page -
    This page takes a while to load because the file sizes of the images are too large (up to 1Mb for one image)! Optimize your images before inserting them in the website.

    Products -
    On the listing of products pages - the "add to cart" button graphic also has jagged edges and is hard to see what that image is.

    Check-out -
    At the bottom of the page to add my billing information there is a link to "terms of service" - when I click on that it says "see shipping information"... so I have to get out of that page and view the shipping page... then go back into the checkout / register.... not very user friendly.  
    I did not complete the "registration" process, but since the registration does not ask for my "billing information (credit card #, etc) I`m assuming that`s another step I`ll have to go through to complete my purchase?
    Also, it would be nice to know the total cost of my order (including shipping) before I go to check out.
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    WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks for the input Steve and Roland.
    Unfortunately it`s not just one product, or I`d be completely with you on having a single Product Page and one-click order there. As you can see there are 16 different order types, which is down from before... I am working with Mark the owner about simplifying things for the visitors. The main barrier from moving to a one-product page is because the Pro versus Regular nets are actually different sizes. Then you have the basic 4 net option which would provide bases for an entire field.Fixed the double Login at `My Account` page.Compressed the images on Events. I`ll look into thumbnails later as there are quite a bit there and we plan on adding more pictures.Fixed the TOS page. Will be adding more information besides just shipping later down the road. The store hasn`t had any returns or problems with the operation thus far.
    Due to the limitations of Virtuemart, the software requires user registration. Payment is done through Paypal (which accepts CC`s) so we don`t worry about handling consumer`s sensitive information.
    Thanks again. I`m still open to any more suggestions.
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member

    Due to the limitations of Virtuemart, the software requires user registration. Payment is done through Paypal (which accepts CC`s) so we don`t worry about handling consumer`s sensitive information.If you had to show your ID just to walk into a store in a mall, would you be likely to even go there?  That`s the same thing with a login box on every page.Why aren`t you just going direct to PayPal yourself?  You don`t need the horsepower of a virtual CMS storefront for what is basically a static list of products.  (And it`s free).
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    WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    I don`t think it`s that much of a technical limitation because it lets users view products and keep a cart going without providing any (time consuming) information. Then when they are ready, they can purchase, and literally provide the same amount of information as if it was without an account, except for two more fields: a username and password. They`d still have to enter the other information besides those two fields by going direct- so why not gain the benefits of user management and product analytics.
    The cart system allows for more functionality such as Data Feed (Froogle), Taxes, Coupons, Ecommerce Analytic tracking, User Management, etc. It also allows the business easy functionality of just logging in, adding or selecting a product and modifying it- including price without any extra baggage to worry about. I`d agree with you back some time ago when cart functionality wasn`t practical, but now that small businesses have the access they have to use it to their advantage. The SuN podcast was just talking about E-Commerce sites and how it`s really changed so small businesses can afford access to an online store-front functionality. The e-commerce analytic tracking alone will be very beneficial for tuning the SEO and marketing tactics.
    As long as it`s more than a literal single-product offer, I would recommend a ecommerce system over paypal direct buttons any day. Sorry paypal.WebsitesUnleashed7/24/2008 2:05 AM
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