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Looking For A Tiny Bit of Extra Funding For Almost Completed Company

EricWilEricWil subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I am apart of a NFT project that we have been working on over the past few months, we have already built quite a bit of a community via Instagram, Twitter, and Discord (Discord being the most active). We will be releasing 444 during presale on February 8th, and an additional 4000 on February 22nd, all will be sold for around $300 (0.1 Ethereum) NFT's are purchased using cryptocurrency so the price of Ethereum can change a bit day by day. If anyone is familiar with NFT's you would know that if we do have a successful launch we will definitely have enough funds to work with, and to pay back investors, after personally funding this project for months we just need help with this final stretch. With all that being said we are only looking for $500 as a few bugs have come up in the code of the website and we need help with a little funding to fix it. We are willing to offer any investor $1000 (100% ROI) in 1 months time which will be sometime late in February. This will obviously all be finalized in a written agreement so both our team and yourself can feel safe. Feel free to email me any questions or ask for any links to the website or socials (Cant post links here) at ericwil2004@gmail.com or if you have discord add me on there EricWil#0744, I will respond a bit faster on there. Presale is in less than 10 days so we are trying to get this moving ASAP so hit me with any questions about the team we are working with or any other logistics of the company or NFT's in general. Also offering presale ;D

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