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Music Social Network Looking For Investor or Business Partner

ChicagoMusicChicagoMusic subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2008 in Elevator Pitches
Dear Readers,
If you need Charts and Graphs for the Website, Network and system let me know i can provide that for you all to look at and review as well. Also email me if you are interested in being apart of a music social network sorta like myspace.
Not really sure IF i need Startup Funding since its already been started, however i probably could use a Silent Investor and or Business Partner. Here is the Scoop Possibly some Insite?
My name is matthew nalett i live in chicago (lakeview) by the cubs stadium. I have not been in chicago that long i think like 6 years now. I moved from houston texas and i was working at a nightclub so that got me into Music (working with djs etc). So then when i moved here to chicago i was looking around for Music Sites and i seen alot of sites were not catured to Independent Artists to promote them so i started Chicago Music Promotions. The website was very, very basic i had to update everything manually and install everyone manually as well, (long process).
Also what i did was i filmed talent who performed here locally in chicago who were independent artists so they could have some video footage to show potential booking agents and talent managers. So i had put their videos on youtube and we caught some attraction from Foxs News Chicago (Mark Sax) they did a story on the Independent Music Scene and Talent Videos and since i have most of the chicago videos for music talent on youtube they came to my website and interviewed 4 of my artists and myself.
Since i am just a internet promoter and marketing expert basically in my field i just drive traffic and consumers to check out the new talent or club dj. Every now and then i setup shows and events locally and its a great time however i am not making any great amount of money promoting them only thing i get it seems like is free music, concert invitations and i get to meet alot of wonderfull talent who comes to chicago, So i guess in a way thats a form of payment in a odd sort of way of looking at it.
So then after the website grew some more i implimented a Donation based system (first) after the first 200 people that registered on the network that was good for a long while since i was able to restructure my website, make it automated and i got alot of less stress now since i am able to do more "marketing" then website updating. After some time i tried to do the whole subscription base website thing and it did not work out to well lost alot of talent on the network since ALL these new sites all of a sudden popped up out of no-where that had major sponsors (corporate stuff) that could offer FREE profile listings for independent artists and so fourth.
So i changed it back to subscription and donation based network so If they could not make a monthly payment to send a donation at least since i do have to pay for the server, management and everything else even thou i do it myself Everyone needs to eat right? Well some of the talent pays me monthly as they always have and they have had wonderfull things happen to them since the ones who pay me i tend to promote them more and funnel them to the proper people.
Now i have a New Website called New Music Promote it started it Jan 2008 i started it because i wanted over-flow for Chicago Music Promotions and i wanted to stick all non-chicago talent on the new site so the chicago site could just be for chicago talent, however since the chicago site has had over 60 million hits since 2006 no one wants to migrate over so i got ALL new talent on the new site, sure a couple of artists and djs from the chicago site transfered over to the other system but totally diffrent artist and dj and record label base of clients on the network.
What i am Looking for Long Term (Both Networks)
I am looking for some business(s) and folks who want to Sponsor a Artist, DJ or Label on the network and in return we can place your banner or logo on their profile page, the minimal cost for the network is $10  the Maximum is $30 Per Month.  The Labels pay the most since they can install up to 30 artists to the network so your best option would be to sponsor a label since you will be put on 30 diffrent profile pages.
Also i am looking to Start a Independent Label and take the Online Music Promotions to Outside Music Promotions and start doing shows, have a street team and get a couple promotions vehicles to go to diffrent states. Then from the money got from doing events, and or cd sales and other things The Business Partner(s), Myself and the talent could do a even split on all profits i dont want to be major rich just happy.
Also My sites are virtual in Secondlife.Com we have a couple music centers in-world where people can listen to music, communicate with the talent and download and purchase mp3s i am looking for someone who wants to be apart of the whole secondlife part of the music industry as well, we can bring talent in to perform and just take over the virtual world.
Also i am building 51 Music Sites 1 for each US State and each Music site will only have Music Fans, Artists, Djs and Labels for that state website so more business oppertunity and stratigic marketing for talent i see the big potential in all things just need someone who has the money that wants to be in the music industry.
So if you are interested in being a business partner or sponsor please email me and or contact me via the forums here thank you. [email protected]
ChicagoMusic10/1/2008 4:32 PM


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