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Cannot catch up with growth and hiring challenge

cleungcleung subscriber Posts: 1
I am new the this website, but hey I finally have some time, or too exhaused to work and really need some help or at least a channel to vent. This seems to be the perfect place.
My business has grown to the point where now I am having a lot of unhappy customers because I can't keep up. I have tried to hire virtual assistance, students, part-times, and none of them work out the way I would like them to. I was just hiring bookkeepers. I found that it is so hard to train people. And as a start up I am very tight in budget. I know I get what I paid for, but if employees keep on wanting more money without delivering good work, I just cannot stand it. People now a days have no loyalist, does not know how good works look like, not thankful at all and think they are entitled to everything.
I often feel burned out, exhaused, and lonely. Sigh, why is it so hard to hire good people?


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    GeeksPerHr-comGeeksPerHr-com subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Cleung,

    I know where you are coming from as I been there a year back.. I know if you persist eventually it will all be worth it.

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    GaryBarzelGaryBarzel subscriber Posts: 1
    Try to set goals for whoever you hire and make it exciting for them to reach that goal. Also if you outsource some of your work be sure to get it from a reputable company. Do your research before to see what kind of experience others had with the company.
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