Being a good manager and employer

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As a small business, what do you do to keep your employees happy? How do you effectively keep your employees motivated?



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    Hi Chris,
    Good question. There are two things that might help:
    1. Think about what you personally like about working in a small business e.g. having a say, family environment, feeling more part of a team. What motivates you about the business  may give you some ideas on what may motivate your employees
    2. Ask your team what they want - even if you set up a system that they can tell you anonymously.
    I`ve found that for many employees it`s more about knowing that you value their efforts, that you`re open to listen to them, and that their opinion counts. If you let them know, sincerely, that they are valued, they`ll be open to letting you know what they think is missing.
    KerryKerryJS7/21/2008 9:11 PM
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