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How to onboard my employees (and make sure they stay)?

Having issues with employee retention. When I ask why they say "Not engaged".

Everyone is working from home during Covid-19, and employees are more volatile (they'll jump on any opportunities they see) during these dire times.

How do I onboard new hires and make my company more interesting for them?😫


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    natashaachanggnatashaachangg subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hi, I totally understand where you're coming from! I'm struggling with the exact same situation in my company as well.

    I think a word of advice is to come up with some fun online games in order to create some form of engagement. That way, they're inclined to stay when they're forming a bond among one another. Hope this helps!

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    HR GeneralisttHR Generalistt subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    @natashaachangg Hi there thanks for the helpful advice. How's the situation coming along? What else have you done to improve the employee experience so they stay longer?

    If you don't mind, could you also share some resources on how I can provide a better onboarding experience for my new hires?

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    natashaachanggnatashaachangg subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited August 2021

    so far, coming up with fun activities to boost employee engagement has been working very well for my company.

    And yes definitely! Just head onto the altHR resources for more info. :)

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