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What are best ways of finding investors?

statsdronestatsdrone subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I'm a tech startup based in Canada and I never feel confident I understand the laws fully when it comes to securities in raising capital.

I joined one Discord group that had lawyers in it and they advised against listing on your website that you are seeking/accepting investors. That and you don't want to solicit strangers and I get the reason behind it.

That said is it me or are there a lot of people posting stuff publicly on places like Twitter where they are talking about their startup and about raising capital and pitching various investors via DMs.

I know the landscape seems to be changing in almost real time and rules are obviously different in each country but I'm wondering what I can and can't do.

For example what if I wanted to blog about my company on different websites or be interviewed where the questions get asked about raising capital. Is this an indirect way of doing it?

What about reaching out to people within the field I operate in. I've got a decent network but how am I supposed to access others that I'm not connected with yet?

Like to hear some opinions, case studies, stories or anything.

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