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Car Magnet ADs

retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2009 in Marketing
What do you guys think about car magnets ad?
I heard some advantages and disadvantages.
-Visible to everyone wherever you drive the car or not
-Cheap (Make it once and it`s for you forever)
-Stick it on your doors whenever you want it
-It`s kind of cheesy
-No one is going to call
Do you guys have some more advantages and disadvantages? Please let me know what you think.
By the way, my business is a concierge and errands business for busy people.


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    LingieLingie subscriber Posts: 0
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    retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
    Well, personally I think it looks great but at the same time I need to know if there is a benefit of it But you gave me a great input that people might say it`s cheesy all those things if it makes money that`s all the matter right?
    Thanks for your 2cents help. It`s great to hear that`s working for you. You have the ideas it all depends where I`m going to advertise it.
    Thanks for all you...if you have more suggestions, please type it down freely.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    The power of the Car Magnets..
    I`ve done my own research on this and let me tell you something... it`s better than spending 400.00 to 500.00 on the Yellow Pages. For sometime, I thought they were cheesy, but let me tell you they work.
    $49.99 for a car magnet and I`ve closed a few accounts through them. 2busy? Isn`t that why you want to get them so people can see them? Why get magnets if you don`t want people to see them?
    The whole purpose is for people to notice you... I don`t know how traffic is where you guys live but in California a traffic jam means you leave your house at 6:00 a.m to get to work at 8:00 a.m. So just imagine the person driving behind you. By the time they get to work, they remember your company and the URL clearly... They only stared at the back of your car for 2 hours... Go figure..
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    The whole purpose is for people to notice you.
    Edgar`s right. The sole purpose of affixing an advertising magnet to your car is to get people to notice you - and yes, they do work. In fact, from what I`ve been told, they work extremely well. I know several small businessowners who use them, and they all swear by them. As far as them being cheesy, if they`re professionally designed and closely match the color of your vehicle, I don`t think they look cheesy at all.
    Would I use one? No, but that`s a matter of personal preference more than anything else.
    Dale King
    DKing1/16/2008 2:37 PM
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    retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
    Nuevolution & Dking,
    Great stuff!!...Thank you for the information. That`s the thing, Nuevolution, see I go to my clients house a lot and sometime the neighbor is kind of curious what I`m doing but I don`t have my Ad on the car so that` why now I`m going make one. Also like you said, how many times I am in the traffic lights or in freeway stuck in traffic people trying to kill sometime and if my car magnet is there, they can see it.
    DKing, you have a great point. I have to make as profesional as it can be so It does not look cheesy at all. Thanks again
    Thank you guys
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Nuevolution & Dking,
    Great stuff!!...Thank you for the information.

    You`re quite welcome. Best of luck!
    Dale King
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    LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    If you get car magnets and window decals, make sure you have the vehicle of the right image you are trying to send.  If a financial advisor had magnets on a car that I consider to be cheap, I would never use him.  I stay away from the other end of the spectrum too and wouldn`t get a $100,000 dollar vehicle either as then it would appear that you don`t need my money. 
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    MrbusinessMrbusiness subscriber Posts: 8
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    bigprinterbigprinter subscriber Posts: 1
    Car magnets can be 1 or two color vinyl lettering or full color pictures.  There are 3 main thicknesses of magnets used for vehicles; .015", .020", and .030".   They thicker the magnet, the stronger the magnetic bond.  For larger door signs I only use .020" or .030".  .015" is  good for small graphics like those ribbons or soccer balls you see on the back of cars.
    Magnets are good if you do not have a dedicated business vehicle.  The only time you really don`t want to use magnetic signs are in the winter.  They can crack. Or water can get behind them and they can freeze and fall off.  Also, if you leave them on in the rain, remove them and wipe the magnet and door dry or you can damage your vehicle finish.
    As for vehicle graphics, never, ever use anything other than vinyl rated for vehicle wrapping.  You are just asking for trouble.  The only 3 manufacturers I trust are 3M, Oracal and Avery.  If someone says they can save you money with a cheaper vinyl, walk away.  You are wasting your money.
    Look, no matter what you do for promoting your company, your graphics should fit with the look you want your company.  A cheap look is a cheap look.  If that is what you want, fine. If it is not, then spend the money to get the look you want.
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    BannerViewBannerView subscriber Posts: 1
    Living here in Las Vegas, I see quite a few variants on the mobile ad displays. I think even a "text ad" on the back window could be effective, as I`ve found myself wanting to read what it says. The latest innovation that I`ve seen is the LCD screen in the back window. Very eye-catching, but dangerous. I was behind one recently watching the ads and nearly collided with the vehicle. I wonder if these mobile ad vehicles require additional insurance?
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    SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    If you are in the service business, vehicle signs offer the added benefit of telling people that you are actively working in their neighborhood. Prospective customers tend to have more confidence in service providers that others in the community seem to be using. For example, someone seeking lawn care services will be more likely to call a service provider whose trucks are frequently seen working in the community than they would be to call an unknown company out of the phone book.
    When I was running an alarm service company in the past, I would actually have people come up to me when I was getting gas or coffee and ask for my business card because they regularly saw my marked truck in the area. I got more than a few jobs as a result.
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    simon2341simon2341 subscriber Posts: 0
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