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Who When Where and How Do You Market a Social Networking Site?

wantonewantone subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2007 in Business Planning
I`m in the midst of putting together a social networking site. My demographic is men and women between 14-55years. I have the following questions regarding marketing. Are there companies who specialize in marketing these types of websites? If so, who and at what stage should I start marketing, at beta or half way through beta launch? Thanks in advance!  


  • yomiyomi subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with CampSteve. I would start marketing now. When MySpace  and YouTube became publically  known, they generated a lot of word of mouth through viral emails and people simply telling their friends about it. Both those sites are powered by user generated content. Users control their content on myspace and youtube via their profiles, videos, blogs, etc.  If your site has something similar to those features or something that makes it unique enough for people to want to share or talk about it with their friends, you will slowly and consistently build traffic to your site as well.  You can`t compete with myspace or youtube, but your site can be a social networking site focused on a particular niche coupled with user generated tools (blogs,forums,profiles,etc). I feel word of mouth from your users, and your strategic involvement in blogs, forums, etc will generate the marketing buzz you are looking for.  
    yomi2007-3-8 23:10:11
  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    My demographic is men and women between 14-55years.
    To me that`s not really a demographic.... it`s EVERYBODY
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