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Jayden's Business Idea Elevator Pitch.

JaydenJayden subscriber Posts: 2 Member

<<Hi there! My name is Jayden and I am going into my freshman year of college this fall. 

For 3 years now I have been taking both French and Spanish classes at the same time and I have realized that there is one thing I use to study in both classes that (almost) always gets me an A+ on a test and helps me retain the most information. 

What might that one thing be? Flashcards!! (or in my case, writing on some notecards I found tucked away in the back of my mom's filing cabinet)

Flashcards are such simple tools that can be used for basically any subject you can think of! Now although flashcards might be simple when it comes to actually using them, they aren't as simple when it comes to making them.

Take it from a girl who knows, I can remember spending hours sometimes even DAYS (I may have procrastinated a bit...) making 30-40 flashcards. It can be a very tedious process, writing the term/drawing the diagram on the front of the notecard, and then flipping it over to write the definition/description on the back. Then I repeat that process 30+ times. Not very time efficient, right?

Now I know I am most likely not the only high school -I mean college kid, who makes and uses their own flashcards. But what if there was an easier way to acquire said flashcards? I mean if you don't mind spending more than half an hour on creating your own quality flashcards, then by all means, keep at it! But if you are interested in the idea of purchasing high-quality, subject specific flashcards (digital or hardcopy) created by me truly, then stick around!

The purpose of my business idea is to help people who want a better way to study (that's you!) create and personalize your own helpful tool (flashcards), while saving you the time and effort it takes to make quality flashcards!>>

Phew! I timed that, and reading all the way through took about 1 minute and 7 seconds (woohoo!)

Based off that elevator pitch, I would love to hear your guys' thoughts and feedback on my business idea! Thanks for reading!

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