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Is India still the best place to Outsource to?

GreymouseGreymouse subscriber Posts: 1

Over the past year more and more business who are already using India are looking for alternatives and small business are still unable to access benefits of outsourcing.
Customers are still critical when it comes to accent and it seems like this problem of accent isn’t going away quickly....

So when will the small business be able to benefit from these resources, and a better question is how.
Originally outsourcing meant that a whole job had to be outsourced, and the destination of that job would be India.
However in this new generation of outsourcing other countries are opening up, Countries such as Fiji in the south pacific, providing their services to Australia called Nearshoring.
And it’s not whole jobs being outsourced but just a component. (The boring mundane tasks)
This increases retention rates of the current staff as they are now doing the enjoyable tasks of a day’s work.
The best example of this is that an accountant does not like doing reconciliation of bank statements, so just that one component is being outsourced.
Or just the initial contact of a live chat person on a website.

Our world is changing and the future means we wont have boarders.... When work can be completed across a VPN using VOIP connections, staff can really be any race, in any country, any time.

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  • GcrawfordGcrawford subscriber Posts: 5
    As far as im concerned, India is till "one" of the best place to outsource, especially IT stuffs such as web development and programming. There is no doubt about it that India has the best people when it comes to IT aspects because they are fully experienced and i must say that they are very intelligent when it comes to programming and building websites from scratch.

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