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buy here pay here used car business

dreamerdreamer subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2006 in Grab Bag
 where do these type of businesses ("buy here,pay here used car business". You know the type. You make a down payment and then weekly payments till the car is paid off), get these used cars.


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    bobbyhumebobbyhume subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    The auction block.  Once you get your dealers license you can
    attend the auctions and buy the cars for wholesale but you need
    cash.  Thinking of going into the used car and finance business?
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    workingonanideaworkingonanidea subscriber Posts: 5
    Some used car lots have vehicles that people leave for consignment and then they take a certain percentage of the selling price.
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    dreamerdreamer subscriber Posts: 3
    Nah, just curious. we are making payments on a dodge neon from a buy here pay here car lot. and i have purchased one the same way a few years back. they seem to have some good deals and nice cars, but they always seem to have trouble when i am getting ready to pay it off. my brother has a 1970 dodge ram pickup that still does not have any major problems with it and drives smooth. except for a few windshield wiper blade and sparkplug and wire problems. which are really just scheduled maintance issues. and a fuel problem. sucks to much gas. (i think it has a 351 in it.)
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