Teen trying to make it big on the internet

elprofessorelprofessor subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Heyow everyone, im new to this group (i've been scavenging forums to ask this same question). To give you an idea of what im rambling about, i'm a teen trying to dream big.

For the past few years, I've been juggling school and side hustles to gain some practical experience for a business i have in mind.

i have faith in my idea and plans, but i really really suck on the organizational aspect of everything.

Here's where (hopefully) any talented individuals can hop on to give me a few tips? i've already pitched my business idea to a few people, but they all commented on the lack of an overarching systematic approach.

Where do i get my customers, how do i communicate with my customers, how do i go about in advertising my store, and what are the things i should do, and the practices i should avoid.

Definitely appreciate any insight, thank you in advance!

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