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ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
Here`s a question I`ve pondered for a while and never really come to a
conclusion. How do you find a good mentor for yourself (within your
discipline)? I`ve taught
myself many things in life which come in handy for what I do as a web
designer. But I have to wonder ... Could I be learning it faster /
better /more thoroughly if I had a very experienced graphic designer to
give me their unbiased opinions and advice? Obviously, I learn new
everyday, but could this experience be even more enriching if I had
someone more experienced to bounce ideas off of?

I`ve often thought it would be good for me to find a mentor, but I`ve
never known just exactly how to locate this person. Many successful
people are too busy to have time for something like this (at least,
this is how it seems to me.)

Do you have a mentor? How did you choose them? How did you go about getting them to mentor you?

Christina2006-8-28 12:17:48


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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Vincent, thank you for the thoughts on mentorship (and the interesting information on bananas...)

    I definitely see how it would be beneficial to locate a mentor with the
    same philosophy as you. I guess I am having a hard time with that whole
    "finding the right person" thing. You`re probably right and I`m likely
    looking in all the wrong places. I guess I just need to keep going and
    hope that I come across the right person, or a link to the right
    person. Perhaps there`s some way to put the word out and see if anyone
    comes forth with an idea? I`m just not sure. I`ll keep my eyes (and
    bananas) peeled. (sorry, couldn`t resist.)

    Christina2006-8-28 14:16:27
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Christina,Are you looking for a mentor with Graphics, Branding, Business Structure, or Resources that could help your business? You should place a few concepts of what you are trying to accomplish, and point out your current views on those issues. You may find someone here who believes the same, or looks at it the same. That would be one step closer.I am interested in hearing what you are looking for in a mentor.. A mentor of what? I may not be one... or maybe I am. I know I am the last person to say I am a great designer... but I have been doing it professionally for over 15 years. I also seem to have a good eye for branding and layout. But at the same time, I still consider myself small. There are, and I have worked with some, Great designers out there that I could learn a lot from... They may have been in the biz less time than me.Anyway, I am interested in what type of mentor you are in search of.
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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6

    That`s a question I think I`m going to have to sit down and really
    think about. So it`s good that you`ve asked me those questions. I think
    it will help me better identify the person I`m seeking, or if I`m even
    barking up the right tree.

    When I`ve given this some serious thought, I will message you. Thank
    you for giving me some fuel to activate my brain on this!
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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Christina - I feel the same way you do. I`ve often wished I had a more
    experienced to person that I knew who I could bounce ideas off of. The
    one thing I`ve thought of is a SCORE counselor. I have not been in contact
    with any, but think this is something I need to check into. I heard some of
    the people on the forum here talk about how wonderful their SCORE
    councilor`s are.

    I`ve also thought of joining the Ad Club in Greensboro. I know it would
    increase my networking opportunities. The only trouble is, it`s 25 miles
    away. I think for something like that to be successful, I would have to
    commit to going to every meeting and event. I`m not sure I`m ready for
    that kind of commitment right now.

    So, maybe the best avenue for me, besides the wonderful people here,
    would be to contact a SCORE councilor.

    Good luck in your search. I`ll keep my eye on this thread for the
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I dont know about all of that.. I would just like to find some one who is good at business to help me!   My family means well but they are just not cutting it.  (And I agree that was good info about the bananas).  I don`t really need some one who is schooled in Automotive detailing, but in business.
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    BetterBodyBetterBody subscriber Posts: 0
    Where do i locate S.C.O.R.E.
    I would be interested in reaching out to a mentor.
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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Doris - thanks for the suggestions, and the information about SCORE. I
    have never heard of it until just now. These  are definitely
    things I will be looking into.
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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Here`s a link to SCORE`s web site:

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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    iouone2, good point.  I guess for me because I am new at this and because my wife and I now run one business, own one business that we run too, she sells Mary K, we have a health drink business, and my wife works for 911, and we have 2 children 4 and 6, I need a lot of help!
    But more to the point in my detailing business, I need a pair of eyes that can look at where my marketing is now and where it should be and ways to increase my profit margin.  I am behind the 8 ball so to speak coming in to the winter months when business will really slow down. Basicly just a check up for the biz to see if there is something I can do better or differently so that I can survie this winter.  Currently my overhead is around $18,000 per month so I have a big nut to crack when it is just me and 3 employees!
    Thanks for the help!
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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    I don`t know if this would help but some professional organizations offer coaching.  For example the Business Professional Women USA http://careers.bpwusa.org/</A> has a career center.   A few years back I purchased time with one of the professional coaches listed on their career center.  I was able to select a coach after reviewing their philosphies, backgrounds and areas of expertise.  If you can`t find the service on their website then telephone them because they may be able to direct you to resources for coaching/mentoring services.    
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