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It seems to be profitable project, so I want to share idea

mechanicistmechanicist subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello everyone. I am not a programmer and I am not interested in development on this topic, which is why I would like people to look at it and maybe someone would want to make a program useful for society, or create a startup)) Well, either (since I did not research the market deeply) , maybe someone can give me a solution if such exists. From what I looked at, for example, in the android market, if there are applications, then they are extremely low-quality, even though they provide only 2 functions: displaying diets (what is possible, what is not) / possibly even in the form of "therapeutic tables "+ lists of recipes for these diets.

The model is simple. Create a program (either in the form of an application, or in the form of a website, etc.) for the formation of an individual diet.

Functions (of course, everything is in a quality version = no errors):

  1. Display of all therapeutic diets (in Russia these are Pevzner's diets) - which products are allowed, which are limited, which are prohibited
  2. Display of "treatment tables" (I do not know how to translate correctly .. in general, approximate menus for every day)
  3. Optional - displaying all possible recipes (this is quite difficult to implement, of course you need to do a lot of work and moderation in order not to make a mistake). Plus, there are probably programs for searching recipes by components. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense to develop such a massive system from scratch.
  4. The main function (trick) is the combination of diets (i.e. drawing up an individual diet), which would reflect all of the above points. // Since I am not familiar with foreign diets, it is unlikely that Pevzner's diet is used by you, I will try to explain the meaning. These are therapeutic diets - each for each disease. For example - for gallstone disease and liver problems - one diet (5 / 5a, etc.), for obesity - a second diet (8), for bowel problems / flatulence, etc. - the third diet (3). Many people have several diseases. Moreover, usually problems in the gastrointestinal tract or other areas are systemic, and symptoms appear when the work of several microsystems is disrupted. And they (people / users) would like to create one diet that reflects all of the processed foods.

As it turned out, it is difficult to find on the Internet (sites) this information is reliable and at least in a normal systematized state (paragraph 1, which I described, information in the form of a table).

That is why I want to propose. There are many development teams now. Perhaps someone will be attracted by the creation of such an application.


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