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Anybody heard of company called Internet Advancement?

cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
I built my website with PMI Training/myEbiz a few months back and had SEO completed at the end of January.  Because of low traffic, a company that monitors such things called me to offer their services for a mere $1999.00 more than what I have already paid.
The man told me that the company I used didn`t set up the title, description, and meta tags properly and that it looked like they might be spanning the search engines.  I have a little doubt about this because I think PMI/myEbiz are competent, but maybe they didn`t do some stuff right.
Anyway, the man who called is from Internet Advancement (http://www.internetadvancement.com/</A>) and this is the offer
Ideal for companies with light to moderate search engine positioning competition
Warranties top-10 ranking on at least 4 major search engines
Includes at least 30 Directory Information Pages (D.I.P.`s) for submission multiplication
Over 510,000 monthly submissions on the Client`s behalf
First, has anyone heard of this company?
Second, any more insight on DIPs?


  • cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    Why do Google and Yahoo have to make this so hard?  I suppose it`s because millions of us are trying to sell stuff online and they have to be ranked somehow.
    I have wondered the same about SEO, not that I know that much about it.  But it seems to be that once people catch on to how Google and Yahoo are ranking sites, they change their criteria.
    Anyway, the site I am most interested in ramping up now is The Anniversary Shop - the first link below.
  • MarcomAndPOPMarcomAndPOP subscriber Posts: 1
    In my opinion, and I have thought EXTENSIVELY about this, SEO is dying.
    I`m curious, what method(s) do you feel is/are replacing it?
  • MarcomAndPOPMarcomAndPOP subscriber Posts: 1

    I built my website with PMI Training/myEbiz a few months back and had SEO completed at the end of January.  Because of low traffic, a company that monitors such things called me to offer their services for a mere $1999.00 more than what I have already paid.Be leery, and run fast! We have been approached by these companies too. When our site was new and had low traffic, we thought their services might be the key to success. Wrong! First of all, they promised on things they couldn`t possibly deliver ("guaranteed placement in top 10 search results"), and they were going to charge an exhiorbitant amount of money on an ongoing basis, for simple tweaks to our site that we could pay a consultant for, one time, and then handle the monthly maintenance ourself. We hired a SEO consultant, and for less than $1k, he analyzed our site and  suggested changes we could do ourselves, or pay  his staff to do. We chose a combination of both.Since making those changes, and in conjunction with a Google Adwords campaign, our site has seen a significant rise in traffic and customers.  SEO is a constantly ongoing process, we never stop, and are always looking for new ways to get our name out there legitimately.For more info on how we started, see my previously published article, Google Adwords, by Rene Agredano - Tech Beat Article - 01/24/06 Times-StandardMarcomAndPOP2007-2-1 12:51:38
  • MarcomAndPOPMarcomAndPOP subscriber Posts: 1
    What rules now is content. The search engines want to make sure you have relevant content within your site that matches what a person is looking for.What is working now better than SEO is viral and organic marketing. People would rather hear from another person how a product is good, and then go use it.
    Totally agree (and thanks for the compliment NHG). Thanks so much for the insight, it`s well thought out and informative. And cjpeeps, I`ve found that our subscription to Marketing Profs is really worth the money. Their webinars have taught us a lot about getting our name out there, you may want to check it out.NHG, have you ever considered teaching a webinar through Marketing Profs? I know you`d gain a lot of clients that way, you have a ton of relevant insight to offer.
  • cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    Rene and nhgnikole,
    Thank you for the feedback and the suggestions.
    I appreciate your honest review of my site.  I am limited in the code behind it because it was built with myEbiz.  Even though I did the work, I used their template and tools to build it.  It was clunky to work with, so I`m not surprised to hear you say that the code is a bit outdated.
    I would like to speak with your further about changing my site.  I am not sure I can do all the things you suggest within the parameters of myEbiz, but maybe I can.  If not, maybe I`ll consider a complete redo with the help of a web consultant - maybe nhgnikole.  I like the clean presentation of the sites you have in your portfolio.
  • anushkachhakrabartianushkachhakrabarti subscriber Posts: 219 Silver Level Member
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