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Need Help, Any ideas

cinr11cinr11 subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
Hello Everyone,
I am looking to open a retail online. I have 2 different vendors that I will be working with. My questions is does anyone have a system for a master sheet. Meaning the wholesale price and your markup price. Do you have a sheet for each vendor and everything is all in one? Do you have your markup price with the wholesale price there. I have no idea how to set it up/// Any ideas will be great!................


  • cinr11cinr11 subscriber Posts: 1


               I think you might of misunderstood me. I`m new to this e-commerce business. So, My question was if you have a system for your prices. How do you keep track of all the vendor prices with your markup prices. I am trying to figure out how to organize everything. What do you think is the best way?  Thanks in advance
  • minimegeologyminimegeology subscriber Posts: 26
    I think if you are just getting started that Excel works well.  There isn`t any right or wrong way to do it.  Just make a sheet with the information that you will want to know and since Excel is so versatile, you can always modify the file.  I made one with things like: vendor name, website category, wholesale price, shipping costs, markups, retail costs, item number, product weight, projected profit per item and number I have in inventory.  You can use the Excel "sort" feature to view them by vendor or category depending on what you want to see.  I hope this helps.
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