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3 Signs a Founder Has What it Takes to Scale a Startup During a Crisis

StartupNationStartupNation administrator Posts: 625 Site Admin
image3 Signs a Founder Has What it Takes to Scale a Startup During a Crisis

If founders wish to scale, they must adapt to unforeseen market environments during times of crisis, overcoming adversity one step at a time.

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  • Antonina_aAntonina_a subscriber Posts: 6 Member

    When it comes to the crisis times, and some early stage companies that are trying to get it all it's always about the preparation, the strategy, and the ability to find things in advance, and adjust to the current situation. Nowadays it's extremely important to have all the investment materials in place. So, a startup founder would be considered prepared for the crisis.

    From the VC standpoint, when the financial model and pitch deck are in place, it's great. If there is a zoom call with an investor and you are an outreach guy who is doing some cold emails, then you should definitely have this. Why? Because this is the first thing that will get you to the investors, obviously it's hard to get revenues.

    It is even more complicated to retain your clients, get new clients during the crisis times., and finally try to sleep sometimes.

    So, my idea is that people need to automate everything they can, and to do that they need to gather all the support materials. Have them in place. Have them designed, and probably be ready to pitch them and defend them during the calls. Those are the signs of a startup founder that I would look at as a VC. And if I can recognize a guy who can adapt to reality to some issues. That would be definitely perfect!

  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us!

  • AscendVCAscendVC subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Thank you @Jessie Hookie & @Antonina_a! It turns out, you can scale a startup during a crisis - and it doesn't take Elon-Musk-level game. Successful entrepreneurs can cultivate the necessary skills with practice and legwork.

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