Forming an LLC with one of those services or do it myself?

BogBog subscriber Posts: 4 Member

Hello, I'm going to form a single member LLC in New York state. I can either do it through a lawyer (ridiculously expensive; overkill), or do it through one of those "mill" sites, or do it myself.  

Everything I read says that the mill sites are a ripoff because I can just do it myself. But there's a lot of paperwork and I could easily screw something up, but for like $350 (counting the state fee in NY; $200) we're talking only $150 on top of the unavoidable state fee. I'd save the time and trouble and they have people doing it all day who know how to do it correctly.

Am I really better of doing it myself?  

Does anyone have experience with those sites, if so which is best? I'm looking at, (which I've heard bad things about),, and (which I'll probably do since I have books of theirs). 

Particularly has anyone done nolo?



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