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How Business Owners can Save their Business amidst COVID-19?

GiaGladGiaGlad subscriber Posts: 2 Member

Inputs must be from the United State’s business owners, entrepreneurs, SMBs owners who are facing this pandemic on their business.


  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    1. Analyze your ongoing burn-rate in both normal scenarios and ‘bear-bones’ scenarios.

    2. Think about adapting to current market trends in a complementary way.

    3. Look at your competition – what are they doing and what can you learn?

    4. Consider the value of your time—is there something you can be doing, related or otherwise, that is a more valuable use of your time?

    5. Think about the mid-term—is something changing in the way your customers are thinking?

    6. Use time at home to read, take courses, and learn—so that when things are a bit more normal, you can fly by whatever competition you have.

    7. Keep an open mind and stay positive.

  • Jhon CluadeJhon Cluade subscriber Posts: 10 Member

    Do not lose hope and adapt to the new norms on work and business.

    Most of the businesses this days are in to social media marketing and seo why dont you try those stuffs.

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