What can I do with my superstar domain name?

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So long story short. I own the dot com name WeddingAdvisor along with the trademark WEDDINGADVISOR. had a website set up with it a couple years ago but have since closed it. Running the site by myself was out of my comfort zone. I’m not a tech or marketing guy. Even back then people thought we were a subsidiary of TripAdvisor. Many said our name is golden thanks to TripAdvisor and HomeAdvisor.

My question is what can I do with the domain to make money? The wedding space is profitable. Should I do a directory site? Lead generation? Blog only etc?


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    Hi, I new to this group and im hoping to add value with like minded individuals.

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    I think your sitting a gold mind. I see it is listed for $25,000 on godaddy. The first option is to sell it. I wouldn't since I am sure it gets good traffic and the whole advisro thing has been huge. I recommend offering basic wedding information and ways to partner with big wedding sites for referals. You can direct your visitors to other sites and earn referal commissions. Of course you can throw a lead capture page and market to this niceh. People looking for wedding advice are also looking to start families, buy a home, take a trip (honeymoon). You can branch off these ideas and market to your list.

    I know of photographers who used their business as a way to meet new people and then earn Millions enrolling them into another business. THis is how I earn from any niche blog. I also do this with my social media groups. As I get to know the people in my space, I am able to help them. You are sitting on a lot of potential here!

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    You could setup a matchmaking website where people meet each other and commit to each other. You could provide court marriage easiness based on the laws of the country you operate in.

    You could also make marriage records accessible through the Internet by collaborating with the regional government.

    You could issue destination wedding facilities or suggestions to people.

    There are loads of things you can do with WEDDINGADVISOR.

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