Help me choose a business name

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I am starting a coaching business for fundraising for small to medium size nonprofits. I'll discuss with them their needs, help develop a plan of action and then coach them through the process of following through with the plan.

I have had a few business names but they must have been good ideas because most have been taken! Do you have any ideas on names for a fundraising coaching/consulting business? I like the concept of "forward" because that's what I am doing, helping them move forward with their vision.


  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    01. Opt For A Name That Doesn’t Lose Its Brand Equity

    02. Consider International Portability Of Your Company’s Name

    03. Say No To Puns Or Funny Names

    04. Merge Two Words For A Unique Name

    05. Opt For A Memorable One

    06. Choose A Name With A Positive Connotation

    07. Check To See If Domain Names Are Available

    08. Check If The Name Is Already Taken Or Trademarked

    09. Do Not Use A Name That’s Already In Use

    10. Avoid Trendy Terms Or Words

    11. A Short Name Is Marketable

    12. Do Not Use The Acronym

    13. Run A Thorough Check Right From Initials To The Domain Name

    14. Run A Test

    15. Borrow A Phrase From The Language

    16. Have A Name Generator Do The Work

    17. Create A Visual

  • David WoodDavid Wood subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    Before finalize any business name must check whether domain is available on it or not

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