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Billion $ solution and a safer world - need help getting from prototype+provisional to consumer!

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This post is a shot in the dark... and I suppose testing fate.

In 2018 I realized a solution for a problem that has hardly been addressed. I was instantly excited, brain went into overdrive, and I immediately started research. I found nothing in comparison. I was amazed.

I quickly started planning a system. Did a TON of research into components, programming, frameworks, design.. etc... and after some time, I achieved a working prototype system including:

  • Hardware components
  • Hardware programming
  • Back-end programming for system and data processing
  • Mobile App with basic functions and tied to backend database
  • 3D models of components (enclosures, etc) which I 3D printed

I also have the perfect brand domains registered.. and logo/icon for mobile app are also perfect. Simply... this all has come together like a dream and I can see this become a household name with ease. In fact, I think it will naturally go viral.

I did some research on potential market and formulated estimates in a spreadsheet... and the revenue figures are completely mind-blowing even with conservative numbers. Multiple billions does not seem far fetched. Creative revenue models.

I then researched into patent filing. What a rabbit hole. After I felt I had learned enough of the lingo, I wrote my application. Dozens of pages with over a dozen 3d rendered drawings and hundreds of references. I aimed to make it suffice for a non-provisional, but not having an actual attorney, I went ahead and filed as provisional just to get something in. Though I'm pretty confident that it would be granted utility as is. It meets format and lingo specs.

Now I need help. I need resources. That is all I lack. RESOURCES. I have the drive, the vision, and motivation to make this work... but I need real help getting from here to product on the shelves.

What resources?

High-level business guidance to ensure this gem is properly executed (structure/legal/ipo/etc)

And funds to/for:

  • Quit my well-paid job and go all in 100%
  • Put together a solid team... small team... to work with to refine my designs, my programming, optimize pcb/hardware, additional testing, packaging, develop marketing materials, and get all of this ready for production.
  • Negotiate and work with manufacturers, distribution, etc..
  • Legal support for protection, contracts, agreements, potential licensing etc..

With the right resources... this will work. What's the number for Shark Tank? :)

My background: Tinkerer since I was a 6. Was going to be an electrical engineer, but ended up as a Web designer/business application developer for almost 20 years as a sole proprietor by trade. I love building, and the web was my avenue. I've helped many businesses grow. I've designed and built several complex business systems which have generated and processed tens of millions for employers and clients... but it's finally my turn.

There it is... as a thread on a forum on the "interwebs" ... expectations: low :)

If by chance the right person sees this... it is all true, real, and so am I. Reach out!

FYI... I will not reveal any details without a proper NDA/etc.

Trust is an issue ever since I pitched an idea to one of those inventor help type businesses I saw on TV. I got rejected, and later saw my unique idea as a product with the same damn unique name. I was young and didn't know better. Unfortunate that those scammers ruin it for inventors. I have several inventions that sit in a private note pad because of trust.

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