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Please check out my website

lazyitinerarylazyitinerary subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello everybody,

I'm building a website and i hope you are willing to help me by giving me some feedback.

My website is lazyitinerary.com 

The website is called Lazy Itinerary and it tries to help traveler plan their itineraries worry-free and book their flights, hotels and tours at one glimpse.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, i'd love to hear them.

Thanks ;)


  • jenniechasejenniechase subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
  • detelinadetelina subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    As for the Internet user - I can say beautiful pictures. Tell me what is the security system of the site?

  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member
  • MilicaMilica subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hi lazyitinerary, February has been a while back but you may still value some feedback.

    I found the home page overwhelming, so many beautiful pictures but none of them stood out to keep my eye on it. I would probably just keep the "where are you traveling to" search with some pretty pictures of "destination of the week" sliding in the background, and i would maybe throw a curveball and make the "no idea" or "surprise me" button under it.

    Most popular, destination of the week, summer, winter... i would put in the top menu. That way page would look cleaner and i wouldnt have to scroll down to find it. To much scrolling breaks my focus and makes me go back to google search and on to the next website.

    I tried using the search but first none of the states i thought of didnt show up, so i tried with their capital cities, none again. One of those is Berlin. Thats a big tourist location. I clicked on Bangkok that was first on front page.

    You have a fair share of info there, i like all the things you thought of but its a little confusing. Little pictograms next to language, meal, tipping, they are cute, but pictogram should carry the full meaning. When icon is well made it doesnt need words to explain it. Making some better icons and taking the type out would make it cleaner.

    All in all its not the worst website ive been on but it is overwhelming, taking intuitive approach and simplifying it would make so much diference. Content is great but way its presented can be improved.

    I know you didnt ask for it but ill say it. The lazy part of the name makes me feel bad, i dont like to think of myself as lazy. Eazy would make me happy tho.

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