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Dating Apps with Audio and Video

Paul RPaul R subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi Everyone,

I am a developer and wanted to learn React Native, a cross-platform technology used to create iPhone and Android apps. Being involved in this a bit before I wanted to give it another shot. I have created a dating app that allows users to connect, message each other using voice-only. They are also able to upload videos of themselves with 15 second intro which will initially be blurred and will unblur once the connection between both users is made.

Video and audio can be intimidating for many users, but I find that with apps like Tinder and Bumble users focus on photos (looks) and volume (easy swipes). There isn't much that is wrong with this, but I find that people have lost touch with traditional dating where they need to have several phone calls before they meet. Sure once people connect they can exchange their Whatsapps, IMs and maybe phone numbers which ends up in back and forth texting anyway. Since volume is a lot higher and this is all a numbers game there isn't as much incentive to have phone conversations anymore.

For Matchgroup guys, video and audio might not be as interesting since they have so many users and adding unnecessary cost isn't going to produce better results. At least this is my assumption. I do feel though that as bandwidth gets cheaper video and audio seems pretty natural thing to do in dating space as well.

I am at a point where I am adding some finishing touches for the app. I have no idea whether this is the right idea, nor do I have a clear plan on how to execute the rest of this. I am hoping someone can share their thoughts on whether this is even the right idea. I am open to critique.

I am fine to pivot to something else as long as it gains some traction. Some ideas floating around my head: casual dating, niche dating catering to specific groups of users (eg. particular ethnicity or religion).


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