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I am seeking information from anyone with experience on starting a web site using live video and audio feeds.  I am a golf teacher who is interested in using the web-site to give live lessons on line.  Other web-sites out there claim they have live lessons on line but, when you go to there all you can do is down load a video or up load a swing for them to look at and send it back to you.
I am starting a new golf school which the foundation of the school is bassed on a true rotary golf swing.  What this means is that there are no lateral or vertical movements. A golfer will be able to swing on plane and understand how and why this happens every time.  Many of today`s top instructors in the world think their students are swinging on plane and rotating around a fixed axis. However, they are not. 
This is  the base for the web-site.  What I would like to be able to do is to have a lesson that would start, let`s say at 8pm eastern time and have as many people sign up for it as possible. Broadcast the lessons live for a fee.
If anyone can help me understand what is need in this process by me and the end user I would be greatful.


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    Thank You for your response.  Your information was very insightfull and greatly appreciated.  If I have some more questions would it be alright to contact you or add you to my buddy list? Congradulations on your baby, I have one on the way. We are very excited. I may have questions on that whole experience too! LOL! 
    Thanks again for the greet feed back.
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    A live lesson is something that can be done.  The technology is available now that enables broadcast of webcams....even two way.
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    Is it expensive to set something like this up? After rethinking things. I have come up with a different approach to what I am going to do.  I still am very interested to find out about information about doing something like this.
    At first I was considering doing every lessons live.  I still want to do this. However, maybe only once a week to every differnt time zone in the world. If you could share any info on cost, equipment needed,  fees  and so on.
    I noticed that you host web sites and design websites as well. If you could let me know your costs that would be helpfull, thanks..
    Thanks for your response.
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    I sent you a PM. Equipment is fairly inexpensive.  the critical part of web cam use is the lighting.  The better the lighting, the better the image.
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    Hi Chris,
    I saw your post and wondered if you knew John Redd. I went to his golf school in Orlando where he teaches a zero compensating, single axis, rotary golf swing. I am a PGA Director of Instruction in the Dallas area, and the swing you describe really is the wave of the future! You can e-mail me at [email protected]</A> 
    Good luck with your project!
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