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Robot for CPR Business Plan

kadadkadad subscriber Posts: 1 Member


I have a startup which consists of a validated CPR robot, which aims to be the next-gen LUCAS.

It is fully autonomous and has been validated by multiple EMS workers as effective and convenient.

Please comment on my business model draft. It follows the business canvas methodology and needs to be validated independently for Jump Chile innovation contest.

Here it goes:

User/Client: The user are children, and the client are hospitals, ambulances and emergency departments.

Value Proposal: Autonomous robot that performs high quality, reliable and customized CPR for any patient in any situation, It prevents bone fractures and the use of excessive force. Its use lets EMS team members concentrate in other tasks instead of focusing too much on maintaining CPR for long periods of time,

Differentiation: Unlike LUCAS, it is completely autonomous, by means of receiving feedback from load cells, three-electrode ECG, and extremely precise position control. It is very simple to use, as it only needs to be put on the patient and be turned on. Additionally, its customized behavior for each patient enables it to be used on children.

Channels: Social media, advertising, website, delivery, leasing, training, technical service.

Resources: Hardware, employees, financing, clinical trials, patent.

Costs: Salaries, manufacturing, advertising, storage, website hosting and design.

Strategic alliance: Manufacturer

Activities: Secure contracts, seek alliances, advertise the robot, community managing, robot manufacturing, clinical trials, data transparency, debugging.

Income sources: Direct sales, leasing, exclusive contracts, renting.

Metrics: Positive clinical trial results vs negative results, website visits vs interactions, social media engagement vs website visits, social media and website interactions vs sales, robots per client, robot sales vs recycled lithium batteries,

Thank you in advance, and please follow us on Instagram! @aidcpr

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