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An article explaining the benefits of a Side-Hustle as a college student.

Eldar GorakEldar Gorak subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey you! Yeah, you! I know you have thought about plenty of ways to make a little extra money but you’re too nervous you won’t get your coursework done, get to class on time, or be the best student you could possibly be? 

Having a side hustle in college can undeniably be nerve-wrecking to students but, I’m going to tell you why the benefits will outweigh the negatives in your mind! As a student, a possible side-hustle could give you limitless opportunities in many different ways such as greater financial and mental stability over time. If entrepreneurship is of interest to you, or even if it’s not, having a side hustle while in college can greatly benefit you. 


Find a product or service that’s marketable. Choose a target market, possibly the students on your college campus or even elsewhere. Have the ability to fulfill the specific requirements of your business and the range of options for you are endless! 

My only two personal recommendations are: 

1.)Choose something you’re skilled at! If you aren’t well-versed in your side-hustle, you’re already at a disadvantage.

2.)Choose something that you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about your side-hustle you’re undoubtedly going to feel like you have a job you hate! There is also a much greater chance you will grow your side-hustle into a future career.

Creative Outlet

We all know that feeling of being a meaningless little worker bee in college. Keeping your head down, going to class, endless night study sessions, tests, etc. They all contribute to the stress and anxiety we feel is never ending as a student. You begin to feel like a zombie just going through the weekly motions of assignments, test, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. 

Having a side-hustle that allows you to do or create things that bring you fulfillment or joy in any way is enough of a reason to play in your creative side, no matter what side-hustle you choose. 

Focusing on school 100% of the time can be a real #BUZZ kill. We can all agree that being a college student can undoubtably take a toll on our mental health. Shifting focus on something you enjoy, like your side-hustle, allows your brain to decompress all the stress that school has thrown on you by letting your creativity loose. Even switching from schoolwork to something that may require more effort and time. It’s still much easier on your mental capacity because the benefit outweighs the overwhelming and exhausting thoughts of continuing course work. Incentives are mentally appealing whether they be financial gain ($$$), a creative boost, or new knowledge gain in your side hustle. In the end, it will benefit your growth, success, and motivation in this new endeavor. Not to say that having a side-hustle is a walk in the park, since it is yet another active responsibility, but it will allow you the opportunity to focus on something rather than schoolwork, while also teaching you important entrepreneurship skills.

Entrepreneurship Skills

In today’s society, things change and evolve in business constantly. We all need to know the basics of business by any means necessary to function in the world, on both the business and consumer side. If you’re an entrepreneurship major, you’re probably paying thousands in tuition. But, having a side-hustle while in college will teach you important skills and actively simulate real world instances in your future. Skills such as time management, resilience in a business ecosystem, and communication/networking are skills that are beneficial to any individual that interacts with others. Financial skills, whether your side hustle is a product, or a service are important because somewhere down the line you will invest money into growing your side-hustle into a business. Mistakes are learning experiences, if you can make them early on you will be forever grateful in the long run. Having a side-hustle in college can give you an environment of real-world educational experiences that you can use in the future to once again grow your side-hustle into a full-blown business in whichever field you choose. These low risk, high reward situations can be very beneficial to your side’hustle’s prosperity, as well as income.


We all know the struggle of a college students’ financial situation: broke, broke, and extra BROKE! You don’t have to eat ramen noodles every night for dinner if you just did more of what you’re well-versed in! Deciding to finally start that hustle you find enjoyable can be the difference between buying a twenty pack of ramen and having the ability to buy fresh groceries! You may even be able to go buy those new shoes you saw at Nordstrom last week. 

Income isn’t necessarily one of the top reasons to start a side-hustle in college, but it is the first factor that can make your eyes light up when you think of the money. It is the deciding factor before you make the jump from broke college student to student entrepreneur. It all depends on YOU and how much you choose to apply yourself. 

The question to ask in this low risk, high reward financial situation is, “what do you have to lose?” 

At the end of the day if you have assignments that need attention, you want to shift your side-hustle in a completely different direction, or even bring it to a grinding halt you have the power to do so. Why? Because it’s YOUR side-hustle. 

GIVE IT A TRY! I PROMISE YOU WONT REGRET IT. But IF YOU DO, I’M a student too! So don’t blame me..


  • monsaraff123monsaraff123 subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member

    Great article for the college students out there who want ideas for side hustle and make some money out of it.

  • Adam gilAdam gil subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    This article is great for students who are looking for ideas to start a side business and for pocket money. The listed options in article can be a way to help pay for the living expenses for students, they're not the sole option. I want to add investing in cryptocurrencies as one good step to make some money out of it.

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    Students can purchase this trending new Crypto currencies to invest in the long term. 

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