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A-team with a B idea OR B-team with A idea?

ChrisBenjaminChrisBenjamin subscriber Posts: 13
edited May 2010 in Business Planning
Which would you rather invest in?
An A-team with a B idea:  Top tier management team, past experience in the industry, past startup experience, well rounded group of people trying to take an idea with okay potential to fruition...
A B-team with an A idea: College graduates with no experience, only a few positions filled (say developer & marketing but lacking all other as an example), but with passion, enthusiasm and a great idea.  
What I`ve heard and what I would definitely lean towards myself is the A-team with a B idea.  Less of a gamble having a team with experience both in industry and in startups.  I`d rather take the lesser potential revenues and give it more of a shot of success.   An A-idea with a risky team, while it could definitely still outshine the B-idea, could also become a failure.  
I know from my own experience, management is such a key part of the equation.  Investors will pay more attention, people tap into their experience when brainstorming how to approach the 20 million problems that arise, and people become less enthralled with the glamor of being an entrepreneur and more focused on the actual project and making it happen.  Out of all the companies I`ve talked with, there`s something easily recognizable as a difference between someone with a track record and a few years under their belt and the newbie entrepreneur, young or old.  
Open to hearing other`s ideas though, interested in hearing some thoughts on a B-team with an A idea.  
Chris Benjamin
Rogue CFO


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