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What are the best practices in Mobile App marketing?

iamharrykaneiamharrykane subscriber Posts: 9 Bronze Level Member

There are millions of apps on app stores these days and only a few of them are popular with high rankings. It is important for businesses to assess what mobile app marketing strategy they are going to use. A good marketing plan can make all the difference in an app’s performance. Here are some of the best practices that mobile app marketing companies use to skyrocket their app to the top.

  • Target Audience - Figure out who your target audience is, what niche community you’re trying to serve. This helps to optimize the app more specifically to favor what your target audience wants.
  • Competitors - Competitors in the app market are as vast as the ocean. Pay attention to your competitors, learn from them then learn to beat them. Being just another app like the other existing ones is going to dim your chances of success. When you offer something so unique in your app that nobody else in the app industry offers, and it happens to be loved by everybody, that’s when you hit the jackpot.
  • Create Hype - All aboard the hype train! Do it all! Get the press to talk about your app, write blogs, create social media campaigns, make viral videos. This helps get the word out even before your app’s launch. When you actually get to launching the app, the amount of attention you’ll get will be a walk in the park.
  • Optimize SEO - Configuring the SEO of your app’s and app related content will enable it to show up in search results that may even scarcely involve keywords related to your app.
  • Assess - Assess your app’s performance by taking a look at its daily performance reports. Tweak the parts that underperform.
  • Reviews - Reviews mean everything, a well-rated app gives potential users the confidence to install your app. Be open to feedback. Acknowledge and respond to them politely.
  • After Launch - Retain the hype you created for your app in its initial stages by advertising, blogging and more.

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