Domain Name Trademarks?

ColoChrisColoChris subscriber Posts: 2
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Hello to all.
The question I have today is, can a person trademark a domain name logo?
For an example you own You have in your header with a logo wrapper around it. So basically your logo is your domain name. Can that me trademarked or woudl there really be any reason since you can only have 1 domain name for each extension.
I wonder about someone making a clone site of mine and wonder what protection a person has online.
Thank you


  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    non-pro opinion: domain names could be quite similar, maybe with 1 letter off, therefore not all of them, albeit different by nature, can be trademarkable.  For example and are different domain names, but Kodak`s attorneys will go after you if you use the second one as business name.  USPTO  won`t grant tm for such a mark anyway.
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