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Business Growth

erikajoneserikajones subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Which will be helpful for growing business either by selling to current customers or new ones?


  • jesus481jesus481 subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    The difference between those two is that current customers are more likely to buy from you. If they have purchased ANYTHING from you before it means they trust you. And if they are still your customers it means they are likely to buy from you again.

    New customers are not hard to sell to IF you know what their needs, or troubles, are.

    All in all, they are both helpful in growing your business. You need both kinds.
  • valikkavalikka subscriber Posts: 20 Bronze Level Member

    In my opinion both. How can you choose between them? The customers that you have are an established sales base. Well, new ones are the future ... So in my opinion, you need to work with them in the same way.
  • ideasunlimited1ideasunlimited1 subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Have loyal customers sustains your business, and gets you establishment. New customers are what create growth and take it to that next step.
  • AishleyAishley subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    You should be working on both, finding new customers and engaging your current customers. Customer engagement help boost lifetime value of current customers and you can sell more to them.

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