Looking for role-models/ inspiration

Hi! I'm just starting out in start-ups - interested in tech and ventures with a social mission. I'm looking for role-models - i.e. people whose progress I can follow :)

Interested in hearing of any people who are currently killing it in start-ups (or elsewhere) - and who are also making strides in a social mission (especially in emerging markets, but can be general). Even better if they're women - but not a problem if they're not!

Thanks a lot!


  • Em.reedEm.reed subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
    Have you heard of Majora Carter? She is working on "greening the ghettos" through promoting good environmental practices in urban areas. Her passion and ideas are really interesting. It's not letting me post the link here, but if you search for "Greening the Ghetto Majora Carter" you can watch one of her TED talks!
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