How do you keep an eye on cash flow in your company?

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Hey Guys,

I work as a Team Leader in a Software House (16 employees, AR $575,000), where we create mobile apps and software for clients. I am really interested in how you keep an eye on cash flow in your companies. Not from an accounting point of view, but rather a high level perspective from CEO, Team Leader and Finance Manager.

As a Team Leader I am responsible for achieving positive cash flow and employee management in which team has to have enough long term tasks. I don’t issue the Invoices, but I need to know about the actual and planned company numbers (balance, income, expenses and profit). I track these numbers (every entry) in Google Sheets. But It’s really annoying.

I don’t want to create Invoices. I don’t have time for that. I want to track company numbers the simplest way possible. I want to focus on my job, business and planning.

  • Do you have similar problem or need with Invoices?

  • How do you track your company numbers?

  • What is your company's core business and revenue?

I really appreciate anyone who will join this discussion.

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