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Please Rate My Web Site

linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
The URL for my web site is: http://www.ecsillc.com</A>


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    JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    I agree with villarrealsj.  It`s basic.  Maybe a bit more pizazz.  But then again, I am not a web designer either.
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    linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
    Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for your suggestion about the images on the web site. I have reduced the size. http://www.ecsillc.com
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    linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
    Dear Ginny,
    You will have to click on the links below the "Products."
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    linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
    Dear iouone2 ,
    What do you mean by "dated?"
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    zeppzepp subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Linuxuser,

    So many things need to be changed here, but I`ll mention a couple that have not been mentioned as of yet.

    #1 absolute must:
    Get rid of the frames. Frames are ugly, poorly indexed by search
    engines, difficult to use, and as you have heard before "dated". Not to
    mention, if you ever wanted to point someone to one of your sub-pages,
    how would you do that? You can`t, at least not without having the
    navigation disappear altogether. You absolutely must get rid of the
    frames. Don`t even think about using them, ever. I`ll save you from an
    hour-long tirade here, as I could go on and on and on about frames...
    You probably get the idea.

    #2 also a must:
    Get rid of the guest book. I have not seen a professionally designed
    web site with a "guestbook" in 8-10 years. I would say that would be a
    good indication of the definition of "dated". I mean, really, what`s
    the point of the guest book? So I can post what exactly? Beats me. If I
    sign my name there with some "hello world" message, what does it gain
    me for my effort??? Sorry, but the guestbook thing is a very tired old
    idea that just simply died. I can`t encourage you enough to drop it
    like a dead rat.

    I hate to sound so glum, but if your goal is to get people to purchase
    your products, you NEED to make a significant overhaul. Find a site
    that looks good, see how it works, is built, and what the message is
    that makes you want to BUY.... Then borrow those ideas. Your
    information is sort-of ok. But it really, really needs some help in how
    it is presented.
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    linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
    Dear Zepp,

    Thank you for your reply. I have taken your suggestion regarding the
    frames to heart. At the time I was working on the web site, it was the
    only thing that I could think of at the time. This is a url for a test
    site http://www.ecsillc.com/smp/main.html
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    smartiesmartie subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Linuxuser,
    I also looked at your site and I think what the folks mean by the "dated look" is that the site looks simply boring. There isn`t anything that grabs your attention and makes you want to stay and browse. I would suggest a more friendly looking "template" it needs to appeal to the browser.
    Colour, video and anything at all.
    Congrats for getting started and actually doing it.
    Monikasmartie2006-11-8 4:57:35
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    DerekDerek subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Linuxuser,Here is your review. First the positive:Updates - I see you are giving your Website visitors a reason to revisit your site. There are companies spending many thousand of dollars more than you who have still not figured this out. This is good for you. You have the potential to create a great site.The not-so-positive:It looks like your company needs work before your Website. Essentially, your company has no brand. Have you ever met someone with no personality.  Well, many businesses have the same problem. Yours falls into this category.If I was to redo tour website....see - www.annexwebdesign.comI would need to ask you a number of questions before I could even begin. For example...- Who is your target market?- Who are your competitors?- What are the benefits of your services? Why should I buy?- And othersIn other words, in order to create the ideal site for your customers, you need to follow the bread-crumb trail to their wants & needs. The benefits of your product are the feelings your customers get when these wants and needs are satisfied. The benefits are why they buy. This is what you need to shout from the homepage of your Website.. including your logo, content, news updates, etc., etc.You need a business plan, a logo, you need to rework your content, present your products better -  you need a visual brand identity  focused on customer benefits.Regards,Derek
    Derek2006-11-8 14:46:28
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    linuxuserlinuxuser subscriber Posts: 3
    After reading the comment posted, I have changed my web site.http://www.ecsillc.com
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