Looking for new Strategies to increase Visitor at website.?

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Looking for new Strategies to increase Visitor at website.?


  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 106subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Abbacars,

    A strategy is new to you only if you have not implemented it before. I am not sure what have you done in the past, thus cannot offer specific advice. This is a broad topic and I suggest you to buy books or register online courses to learn everything you need to know. Nevertheless, some strategies which you can use are:

    1) Giving discount to new buyers/visitors
    2) Affiliate Program , you pay commission to affiliates only when they complete a sale successfully.
    3) Articles (create backlinks to your site)
    4) e-Book (write and publish)
    5) Guest posting
    6) Giving professional comments on the forum
    7) Customer satisfaction/Money back guarantee (30/60/90 days)
    8) Testimonials from your happy customer
    9) Offering free advice (or minor works for free)
    10) Free software (or freemium)
    11) PPC
    12) Rent a banner ad space

    These strategies will either drive more or retain web traffic.
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