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How to approach company for sponsorhship

lindalouwholindalouwho subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2007 in Startup Funding
My company creates custom `gifty` books for various travel-oriented industries. I`m a small one (sometimes two) person outfit.
My first year I did about $50,000 in sales with little effort. I know the books I do have wide U.S. appeal in various travel destinations.
What I want to do is travel the country in a motorhome and sell the books literally out of the back of the car. The books can be purchased by major retailers thru a wholesaler. In other words, I can blow into town and if I alert Barnes, for example a few weeks ahead they can order the books since they are in their system.
My thought is to get a motorhome rental company and the division of tourism in my state to sponsor the trip. - Kill two birds with one stone idea. I promote the RV rentals by giving `slide shows` of my travels. I promote the state I`m from by doing slide shows of living where I live. And I sell the books in the back of the room at the end. They`d match where I live and where I`m going. If I go to Arizona, I`ll have a book on Arizona available.
I want to have the motorhome company pay for the motorhome, of course. And the travel industry pay for the gas and expenses. I`d make money just selling the books.
I have the plan, but how do you approach a large company or organization and say hey, this is beneficial to you, it`ll cost you little, and you`ll gain a lot?
Has anyone else gotten a company to sponsor them? And if so, how`d you do it? And what`s the best approach? I don`t know people in either of the two places I`d go to ask for sponsorships.
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