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2 agendas, 1 release, your thoughts

studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
edited September 2008 in Public Relations
Hi, everyone. I`ve been gone a while formulating and implementing my new biz plan. (More on that when I update my profile) Now I am looking to regain some momentum on the old to close out that chapter. Sorry if this post gets long, but I feel I need to fill you in.
I found a great giveaway blog who wants to feature one of my products (from my old line - the inventory I want to sell and be done with) on Sunday. Her target audience is people who already buy on Etsy, which has a fairly low average sale price. My giveaway is a $178 bag which I think should generate buzz in that market - Etsy buyers and crafters are my new market by the way. My new focus is $12 sewing patterns.
I see this particular venue as being great for expanding my audience on Etsy, and I think it has potential to re-ignite interest in the bags themselves that I am also selling there. In order to maximize the effect of the giveaway, I need to bring people into that blog from outside the current Etsy market, people who do spend $78 - $178 on a bag.
My thinking is that the giveaway, coupled with a well written press release on the web could do that. My news item may be something along the lines of: "When times get tough, find the free stuff."
Any thoughts?
Do you think it is illadvised to cram 2 agendas into one?
Is there anything about it that wouldn`t work in your opinion?
Would you suggest a different title for the release?
Do you have personal experience with participating in giveaways?
I`ve used PR Web before and it was great, but for this one I am looking for free press release sites.
I will check in again later in the afternoon.
I really appreciate the SuN community and the great advice I`ve received here in the past. 
Thank you, Cherie


  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Thank you, John.
    The giveaway is going now through Sept 28th.  Here is the link. 
    http://handmadeshowcase.blogspot.com/20 ... ognac.html
     I think she does post almost daily, so you are right about getting buried being a possibility. Since it is a diaper bag, now I am thinking about the title being something like "New parents find financial relief with freebies." The release will be a story that includes more than my own, so I have a couple ways that I can go.
    1.  Make it a story about giveaway blogs in general.  I have some great quotes from the blogger who is doing my giveaway.
    2.  Focus the story on giveaways available to new parents.
    3.  Focus on Etsy, cottage industry, this group of people who help one another get the word out about what we make and sell.
    If you want to look at the blog, please do and let me know what you think about story angle.  I am looking to write over the next couple of days, and do the release on Wednesday.
  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Yes, Your thoughts are very helpful and appreciated.  The contest is very simple, you just click on the link to my shop, browse around and post a comment back on the blog about your favorite item in my shop.  On Etsy, it is considered spamming to contact someone just because they said they liked your work or a certain item.  So I don`t think the contest is designed for me to turn it into a mailing list - it would do more harm than good to contact these people.  If they really do like the things they say they do, there is a way for them to mark it in their own Etsy account as a favorite to go back and buy or put on a wish list that they show their spouse. 
    I found another give away blog that does a lot with Etsy shops and baby and mom related items, so I think it will be easy to release it as a new parent news item that has Etsy in the title as well.
    Many Thanks, John.
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