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What is some new app like quora specifically for business topics?

shilohshiloh Posts: 1subscriber Member
I need a community of entrepreneurs/mentors/growth-hackers/marketers/bloggers/innovators where i can ask specific doubts and get real ideas. Any advice? 


  • ShwetasinghShwetasingh Posts: 4subscriber Member
    You should try the 'Lessons' App, it is an upcoming community of thought leaders. I joined it for my marketing questions and its great! The lessons are interactive and made by other community members. You can also contribute by making lessons on other's requests. I grew enough followers to stay engaged and have been learning a lot. They also posted some of my lessons on their official social media pages, so that's 

  • JamieAlexanderJamieAlexander Posts: 7subscriber Member
    I think this is an appropriate area to talk about.
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