What is some new app like quora specifically for business topics?

shilohshiloh Posts: 1subscriber Member
I need a community of entrepreneurs/mentors/growth-hackers/marketers/bloggers/innovators where i can ask specific doubts and get real ideas. Any advice? 


  • ShwetasinghShwetasingh Posts: 4subscriber Member
    You should try the 'Lessons' App, it is an upcoming community of thought leaders. I joined it for my marketing questions and its great! The lessons are interactive and made by other community members. You can also contribute by making lessons on other's requests. I grew enough followers to stay engaged and have been learning a lot. They also posted some of my lessons on their official social media pages, so that's 

  • JamieAlexanderJamieAlexander Posts: 7subscriber Member
    I think this is an appropriate area to talk about.
  • Justin evansJustin evans Posts: 68subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Well, there are multiple platforms where you can get different communities. This is also the best place to ask about your problem surely you will get the expert advice.

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